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Ventilated Hat Furring

Ventilated Hat Furring

Choose size: width 40-100mmm, hight 15-50mm



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Cold-formed hot-dip galvanized open profiles made with roll forming technology offer a wide range of options. The steel and shape chosen exactly for the project bring significant savings and life cycle quality to buildings. Each unit of weight saved lightens structures and reduces transportation costs. Cold formed Koolari ® profiles are CE compliant products.

Press-brake bending is a manual method of making profiles, which is a slow and cost-increasing technique. We recommend ready-made profiles according to the selection for your projects. If you can't find the size you need or you can't apply standard products for some reason, we also make other hat strip sizes up to 4 m and in material thicknesses of 0.50-2.00 mm.

Intended Use

Multiple applications as a jointing profile (facades, external and internal walls, ceilings, suspended ceilings, floors, supports, cladding) The ventilated Koolari ® reinforcement profile can be used to turn cross- joining into a single-layer solution. Reinforcement profiles can be used in facade renovation and new construction projects. The ecological and light steel construction provides a good platform for ventilated sheet metal plastering systems. Coating work is considerably faster and the long-term durability of the anti-corrosion frame is the best on the market.


Standard length 3300mm but can be manufactured according to the requirements of the object to the specified size. The accuracy of the measurement in the profile is +/- 3 mm.


Use a suitable attachment style when attaching the hat list for example a fastener. Galvanized fasteners are most often used in interior construction, and we recommend stainless steel fasteners for exterior construction. Check the suitability of the attachments with the site designer.

It is a good idea to drill pre-holes in the hat rail if the fasteners are not drill screws. The perforated Koolari ® profile has 7 mm mounting holes in the mounting flanges. Suitable for steel joints are e.g. drilling screws.  NOTE: there is no pre-perforated mountin holes in products HTL ruode 16/70  and HTL ruode 50/50.

Make sure that the screw does not overturn and engages its base. Check the attachment of the discs according to the disc manufacturer's instructions.

The cutting of the profiles can be done with a carbide blade for a circular saw, an angle grinder or a hacksaw.

In end joints, an exercise interval should be left at the end of the profiles. This prevents changes due to possible heat movements.


Ventilation perforation is also available for Koolari ® profiles, in which case HTL Ruode is used as the product code. The sizes of the ventilation holes are Ø12 in a 16 mm high hat profile and in others Ø20 mm. The standard hole spacing is k50. HTL Ruode also has pre-perforated mounting holes ready. NOTE: there is no pre-perforated mountin holes in products HTL ruode 16/70 and HTL ruode 50/50.

Sound insulation

The sound insulation of the structure must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In case of a fire

Hat lists do not participate in the event of a fire, and do not increase the longevity of the fire and will not drip flammable substances. Fire behavior is classified in category A1. The profiles can be used to slow down and prevent the spread of fire, for example in the ventilation gap. HTL Palo / HTLP is used as the product code for the fire profile used in ventilated facades.


Truck bundle (eg 200 pcs.), Plastic strap fastening at both ends, no protective plastic.


Allowed outdoor storage, bundles are lifted off the ground on wooden bars. Strips are placed between the bundles and the bundles are preferably tilted so that the rainwater drains off the surfaces.


100% recyclable material. If necessary, each profile can be removed and reused. The steel frame can be recycled at the end of the building's service life.

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