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Parliament House, Helsinki

Renovation construction

Architecture: J.S. Sirén

Products used: Raised floor 

Surface area: 2000 m²

The massive renovation construction of the Finnish Parliament House was executed under the period 2015 – 2017. The renovation was huge also budget wise, since the renovation consisted both interior and exterior facades and vast floor surfaces.


The original construction drawings had been vanished already in the 1940s and all the floors had to be opened in order to proceed in renovating and reinforcing the old floors to meet the modern standards of use. The founder of Aulis Lundell Ltd, Aulis Lundell himself and his team was suggesting Koolari installation floor to be used on a top of the old load bearing intermediate floors to ensure the controlled and improved sound installation among other considerate benefits.

The solution solved the challenges in the inequality of the old floor and made easier the technical installation under the surface.

This floor renovation was the first zero raised floor solution and a big success.