Aulis Lundell Oy offers solutions based on steel products, with which you can get newer and renovation construction of higher quality and faster.The manufacture and delivery of products are fast, and always balanced in quality.All products are manufactured in our factory at Lohja.

Material calculators

We have developed material calculators for you to make construction planning easier. Here you will find the calculators for the suspended ceiling and the partition walls.

Why steel?

Steel has traditionally been overshadowed by concrete and wood as a building material. However, it has undeniable benefits that you should be aware of. These include long-term durability, strength, and ergonomics.Read moreaboutthe unbeatable benefits of steel in construction.

Our solutions for building

When the quality of products can be trusted, they are produced and delivered on time, construction is cost-effective. Below you will find links to get to know our solutions in different product groups.

Lundell -Profile»
Sheet steel profiles are made by roll forming, such as suspended ceilings, hat furrings, ribs, external walls, partitions, and lightweight purlins.

KOOLARI -floors»
Lightweight and modifiable KOOLARI® -floors are helpful in renovation construction.

Modules with steel frame»
Solve the need for additional construction with a fast-completion and high-quality steel-framed Modi. Also suitable as a detached house.

Liune doors»
A wide range of domestic, wall-sliding interior doors.

Lundell -steel service»
Rolls, sheets and reels cut by our splitting service according to the customer's needs.