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We are committed to carbon neutrality in Finland by 2035 and globally by 2050.

Our way of thinking about sustainability is grounded already in the company values:


We cooperate with our customers closely towards sustainable building. We encourage and support them to reach sustainable decisions.

Success is possible only by taking sustainable mindset and approach into consideration in all the phases of the process.


These ground values are found in the actions of our entire staff, production development, production and in the deliveries all the way to the customers.

Nature respects steel, since it has the highest recycling percentage of all building materials. Circular economy is the answer for future building.

Aulis Lundell Ltd production works with a maximum amount of recycled raw material and all the waste material is recycled. Production technology is optimized for energy efficiency.

Everything we do is based on sustainable work flow and decisions.

To influence the climate change:

    • Circular economy and lighter structures promote carbon neutral building.
    • It is possible to reach climate goals by the increased efficiency and the life cycle quality.
    • Steel is 100% recyclable and reusable
    • A genuinely unbroken recycling chain of steel makes it superior and eternal
    • Future buildings have to be designed for the whole life cycle, including the dismounting
    • Offsite construction leaves no waste on site

We proudly present circular economy pioneer – Pyörre (Vortex) House, which leads the way towards low carbon emissions and is a perfect example of circular economy in construction, both in Finland and Europe.

    • All Pyörre House building materials and their impact on the climate have been calculated
    • The aim of the house was to maximise the share of recycled, recyclable and renewable materials
    • Each area from construction to demolition has been taken into account
    • The carbon footprint and carbon handprint have been calculated in accordance with the planned 2025.
    • Decree of the Ministry of the Environment in Finland
    • The design of the building tests the EU’s criteria for adaptability, dismatability and recyclability as the first Finnish building

Material and climate declaration of Pyörre House