Our Values

Customer focus

We produce added value for our customers and aim to have a deep understanding of their needs. Partnership with the customer is based on trust and mutual benefit.


Our success is based on comprehensive operations with the aim of increasing the company's value in the long-term. We ensure the continuity and growth of our operations by being effective and competitive.

Green values in a changing world

Through actively developing our operations we can guarantee success in the long-term. We foster change and keep ourselves up-to-date by developing our operations and products according to changes in our operating environment. We challenge existing solutions and encourage each other towards better results. Competent, active and motivated staff guarantee development of our operations. We take responsibility for our own professional growth and share our knowledge and skills with others.

Respect for nature

The foundation of our success lies in respecting the balance of nature. Our production works with material that contains a maximum amount of recycled raw material and all waste material is recycled. Production efficiency and production technology is optimized while fostering nature and energy efficiency. Our product development has been strongly environmentally friendly since 1995, when we launched our Eko-Pro facade product family.