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Pyörre House, Lohja

New Construction

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Architecture: Matti Kuittinen

Products used:

Pyörre House was custom designed for a family and introduced at the Finnish Housing Fair in Lohja in 2021. The low carbon circular economy model house is revolutionizing Finnish housing construction.

The house has won several prizes, best green act award among many other, and has reached a lot of attention both in Finland and internationally due to its outstanding modern methods of construction for future building and designing.

The house is a fine example of sustainable steel construction with 40 years of accumulated knowledge and innovation of Aulis Lundell Ltd.

Pyörre House is a huge step towards low carbon emissions and circular economy. It was part of a Green design -project, a low carbon emission building evaluation of both the carbon hand- and footprint and also an evaluation of the design criteria for adaptability, dismatability and recyclability of buildings.


Material and climate declaration of Pyörre House