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Prefabricated panelized systems increase the speed and safety in construction.

Sustainable homes and buildings are the only way we see the future. Every aspect counts.

A less known, yet an extremely significant factor to measure energy efficiency is the U-value. We have delivered LUNDELL PROFILE products manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel plate by rollforming since 1980 and our thermal profiles have an extremely low U-value. The lower it is, the better is the thermal efficiency of the structure.

An optimal U-value guarantees energy saving and increases the quality of life.


Each profile can be reused and relocated if necessary. The steel frame can be recycled at the end of the building’s life cycle. Steel is the most recycled building material in the world and our panelized systems and steel profiles are 100 % recyclable.

Advantages of panelized systems:

  • Offsite building solution
  • High degree of prefabrication speeds up construction
  • Suitable for both repair and new construction
  • Additional thermal insulation is formed instantly
  • Lightweight but very durable due to a steel frame
  • The steel frame guarantees dimesional accuracy and is a non-combustable structure

Versatile facade profiles

Prefabricated panelized systems are suitable for both new construction and renovation. They can be used as load bearing structures or as a shell around an old frame or load bearing structure when additional thermal insulation is required. The panelized systems are made in suitable sizes in order to be lifted easily and directly from the truck to the wall. The brackets guide the installation effectively.

All this ensures uniformity and speeds up the construction work on site.

More information about Aulis Lundell Oy's steel-framed facade and exterior wall panelized systems: sales@aulislundell.com p.+358 40 506 7879