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About us

There are many brands within the steel construction industry in the world.

I am very proud of how Aulis Lundell Ltd has taken its place among them as a modern lightweight construction business.

We operate as partners to big construction companies and material manufacturers.

Lundell provides the design and production of structural panelized systems and modular systems, and various non-structural systems, based on steel profiles coming from our own rolling mills.

The secret behind our high-end production is good planning, aesthetic design and the unlimited possibilities of roll formed steel. We work with our clients to support their project from concept to production and the relentless devotion of our employees and partners makes the delivery times short.

On my behalf I want to make sure that Aulis Lundell Ltd continues our cultural heritage of innovative and modern way of building to keep our company’s spirit alive.

As an owner and Chairman of the Board I have set some new goals for the company. The core of the business lies on research and development of modular technology, effective Finnish thermo structures and responsible building towards a fossil free future. These goals, backed up by the purity of steel and the beauty of our profiles, go hand in hand with our strong company history and our mindset for growth.

My mission is to lead the company with determination, ensure the quality, develop new business branches with the respect of the values of our time. Our products will continue to fulfill the expectations and requirements of our customers and the regulations of authorities.

I welcome you to the excellent future of the Lundell solutions and services.

Leena Lundell Chairman of the Board

Leena Lundell


Chairman of the Board