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CE marking of a building product

With CE marking, a manufacturer can ensure that the properties of a construction product are in line with the harmonised European product standard, or the European technical approval (ETA).

CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of relevant directives. The marking is obligatory, and it shall be affixed to products if this is required by the relevant directive. Other products shall not be labelled with a CE marking. There are more than 20 directives requiring a CE marking. CE marking shall be attached to e.g. machinery, electric appliances, toys, personal protective equipment, and pressure equipment.

In addition to requirements concerning the product, the directives include requirements on the attestation of conformity. Certain products shall, for example, be tested before affixing the CE marking.

CE marking

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How is the CE marking showed in the product?

It is easy to identify a product with CE markig. The CE mark is in the steel profile or in the bundle. The CE-marking is also in the delivery document, and there is also instructions, where you can load the declaration of performance (DoP) of the product.

The declaration of performance (DoP) of Aulis Lundell products can be found in our website, in Products -pages. In every product group, there is an "Additional information and DoP" -tab page. Under each product, there is an orange icon with a loadable DoP.

Aulis Lundell has certified ISO 9001:2015 quality system, since 2004. Our company has produced products with CE marking since 2007.