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Innovation from steel

Anja and Aulis Lundell

Aulis Lundell and his wife Anja originally established the company for designing and manufacturing profile production machines and devices. Innovation and product development was strong already back then, as a result of which over half of our machine base comes from our own production.

Professionals at Finland's first plasterboard factory spread the plasterboard and steel stud combination into the market. Plasterboard and steel studs are a good match because their thermal expansion coefficients are almost identical.

Partition wall stud manufacturing by roll forming

Where everything started in Finland...

Importation of partition wall studs into Finland was started at the beginning of the 1970s. Aulis Lundell designed tools for the frame of an English machine, starting stud production in Finland in 1975. Use of partition wall studs amongst professional builders started to become popular in the 1980s.

At first professional builders were unwilling to give up wooden posts, but good experiences encouraged increasingly more to try and favour a straight and cut to size steel stud.

What we achieved...

A partition wall stud fortified by transverse grooves invented by Aulis Lundis was patented in 1986, The transverse fortification prevented the flange of the stud from escaping when screwing it on. The invention also enabled a thinner material thickness. The patent was applied for only in Finland, due to which the invention was copied and continues to be copied in many different countries.

In 1987, we gave the commonly used 70 mm partition wall stud a new size. We changed the width of the stud to 66 mm, which serves a frame depth of 92 mm well. From 1988, we have manufactured Gk-stud system profiles for plasterboard roofs, and in 1995 we brought a perforated outer wall stud system. After this, other roll formers emerged in the market and started manufacturing studs.