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Our Quality Policy

We have set environment, safety and quality aims and targets, which we monitor regularly. We work according to the principle of continuous improvement when evaluating the efficiency of manufacturing processes, products and distribution.

We train our staff so they are able to identify quality, environment and safety aspects and work in a responsible way. We develop lightweight structure systems and solutions producing added value together with our customers.

We focus particularly on benefits brought by the systems throughout the entire lifespan of a building and encourage our customers to take lifespan based decisions. We aim to minimize environmental impacts during the lifespan by continuously improving the environmental efficiency and energy cost-efficiency of our products.

We comply with laws, decrees and regulations in force in everything we do. We nurture open and honest communication and confidential relationships with our staff and customers. Our work is based on long-term customer relationships.

External inspections and internal auditing are tools used by our management. The management assesses reached targets and keeps the most important points, aims and targets up-to-date. Ensuring comprehensive quality guarantees the most important thing for us, a satisfied customer.

Management system certificate Aulis Lundell Oy

Member of Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association

Aulis Lundell Oy is a member of Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association