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Lundell Steel Cutting Services

Lundell Steel Service Center offers solutions for cutting coils, strips and sheets from steel sheet metal as a custom service.

The cutting service is one of the basic services offered by the steel service centre. We process around 5000 tons of steel sheet metal a year. Basic products that we prepare are coils, strips and sheets.

We mainly process hot dip galvanized sheet metal, but depending on the needs of the customer we can also use other types of steel sheet metal as raw material.

ABC of the Lundell steel service

Material is hot dip steel sheet metal and steel type is basic materials DX51D+Z A and structural steel S350GD+Z A. We can also process other materials of the customer according to the location.

Material thickness of steel coils is 0.4–2.5 mm and width max 1500 mm, where the internal diameter is max 508 mm and coil weight max 11,000 kg.

The material thickness of strips is 0.4–1.2 mm, width 100–1500 mm, by special order we also cut strips under 100 mm and materials strengths of 1.50 mm and above. The inner diameter of strip coils is max 508 mm and load weights to customer amounts.

The material thickness of sheets is 0.4–2.0 mm and widths are possible up to 1500 mm, sheet length max 4000 mm.

Amounts are in kilograms (kg) and the customer shall notify the minimum and maximum load weight, in the case of strips the customer shall notify the desired kg weight per one strip or the maximum outer diameter. We are well located in terms of logistics, and our flexible way of working ensures efficient and customer focused service.

In further processing of steel sheet metals it is important to note that they are extremely sensitive to dents and damage. In processing steel sheet metals we always use suitable methods and tools for both careful handling of the material and work safety.

Lundell steel service offers customers guaranteed solutions for processing hot dip galvanized sheet metal.